The MasterChef of graphic design

Brief Me Up is an ironic contest that involve students and professionals of the graphic design universe. The mission for the 10 students competings is to create a logo based on a brief – selected by lot at the start of the competition. They will have just one hour to complete the task.
In addition, during the game the contestants are distracted by some unexpected warnings, the typical obstacles of the real life for a graphic designer: a call from the client, a mail with a new part of the brief, some new requirements like “I want it super-red!” and much more.

At the end of the competition, a jury composed by 5 senior art-directors (changing by the editions) judge the logos together with the audience – with the help of a scientific applause-o-meter: in the first two editions the winner gets a big prize from one of our partners,  WACOM. Everything it’s conducted by Nicola from IKIGAI and a host. The set is like a TV Game-Show as to entertain and guide the audience through the contest regardless of their specific working field. Brief Me Up is included into Graphic Days, a big city event around visual communication.

Creativity in case of emergency

During the covid-19 emergency we started this project to collect funds for support hospitals and public structures. We called illustrators, designers, agencies of our city – collaborators, friends and competitors. We asked them to design a poster using the red color and visualizing something about this moments. Anyone could buy a poster by donating 25€ to the Fondazione Specchio dei Tempi ONLUS. The poster will be printed and delivered to the Circolo del Design, our partner in this project.

The Ikigai Quest
A survey about the humanbeing

We ask to friends, collaborators, family, competitors, clients and people found by chance, the same question: what’s your ikigai? While they’re thinking, we shoot them a video portrait – like the animated photography of Harry Potter. We publish the results on a Instagram page.